Honey Almond Brown Sugar Scrub
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Honey Almond Brown Sugar Scrub

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  • AROMATHERAPY: Relaxing, Moisturizing, Exfoliating
  • POTENTIAL ALLERGEN: Honey, Almonds
  • SIZE: 24 oz.PET jar
  • HANDMADE WITH ONLY:: Organic honey, organic raw brown sugar, almond meal, sweet almond oil, essential oil blend
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You may want to eat it, and actually, you can, but we suggest drawing a warm bath while standing in the tub and massaging little scoopfuls onto your skin in circular motions--start at your feet and work your way up--by the time the tub is full, you can sit down and rinse the scrub off your body and let it continue to moisturize you in the water as you soak. When you get out you'll be amazed and delighted at how silky smooth your skin feels. YUMMY!